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Why Choose 21 Nights Entertainment?

Our staff is awesome!

21 Nights Entertainment's Las Vegas Team

At the heart of every event are the people who run it. Our casino games, the chips, the cards... they're the tools we use to entertain you. Or course it's important for us to provide casino dealers, hosts and event managers who are great at their jobs, but that's not enough. We're great at what we do... and we are great people too!

We give you more

Custom casino chip for Dana's Dirty Thirty

Custom casino chips and event hosts are just a couple of ways that 21 Nights Entertainment gives you the most out of your casino event! We are proud to offer these complimentary products and services for qualifying events.

Find out more about our Complimentary Extras

We give you more choice

Would you like a blackjack table or a poker table, or both? Would you like semi-tuxed dealers or is a more casual look preferred? Will you need a craps table or not? We understand that no two events are exactly alike, so sometimes the same casino party package everyone else gets may not work for you. Our party packages are based on the most popular set of games for a particular size group, but they're not set in stone and can be altered to fit your particular needs or wants. We offer a variety of games to fit with every decor and budget.

We'll only suggest the number of tables you'll actually need

We will never try to oversell you. Much of the fun had during a casino party is from the camaraderie players feel as they play with others at a game, and three tables that are full all night (still without guests having to wait to play!) are better than having five tables run half-empty through the evening. It's a waste of space, a waste of money, and a waste of a great time your guests could've been having!

We hand-pick and train our own staff

Most of our competitors consult an agency to supply dealers for all of their events. The problem with that is, not only do you not know who you're getting, but sometimes neither do they! Since we personally know our event staff, we can work with you to put the best dealers to suit your particular group.

We are certified and insured

Not all casino party companies carry their own insurance, but we do. Our insurance credentials are available upon request. In special situations where additional insurance is required (extra insurance riders, addition of your organization to our policy, etc) we'd be happy to work with you.

There is no minimum number of tables to rent

Some of our competitors have a two or three table casino game rental minimum. This works out well for event companies who think travelling with just one table is a 'waste of time,' but if you're looking to put together an intimate gathering with only a few of your closest friends, where does that leave you? Your 20-guest gathering is just as important to you as someone else's 300-guest casino night bash is to them, so we give you the exact same personalized attention!

We'll gladly work with your venue, or help you find one

Do you have an event space in mind but aren't sure if there'll be enough room for everything, or where everything would go? If the location is in or near NYC we can come check it out with you sometime before your party at no additional charge. Some of our competitors are reluctant to survey a party venue with you before an event without hitting you up for additional charges. We see it as part of our job, so we'd be more than happy to look the place over with you to figure out whatever is needed so that on the day of your event setup, breakdown and the event itself runs perfectly.

"It's always nice to be nice."

Our customer service is among the best in the event industry! The rules of great customer service have never been lost on us. We're always friendly and courteous, and are never pushy or rude. We genuinely love what we do, and we'd love to show you at your next event.

Our staff is awesome!

<<The Fab Five>> - 21 Nights Event Hostesses

We felt this needed repeating. :)