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(We'd call this section a 'blog,' but we really don't post here as often as we should...)

If you're looking to learn how to play any of our casino games, our instructional videos can be found here.

21N x J. Breau Remix poker decks

In Jacques We Trust (Part Deux)

We didn't have to upgrade our custom playing cards, but then again...

Read more about our 21N x J. Breau II custom playing cards

Custom made tables

21 (the hard way...)

Take a look at our new custom-made casino tables. They're made with love, and made for you!

Read more about our custom casino tables

Our new Jack, Jacques

In Jacques We Trust

We didn't have to design our own playing cards - which is exactly why we did!

Read more about our collaboration with J. Breau

The Old One Armed Bandit

5 Reasons Why Slot Machines Are Terrible For Casino Parties

We have made the decision to stop offering slot machines for our casino parties. They're better left alone - Shawn explains...

Read more about why slots just don't work for events

Atlantic City Boardwalk (RIP Trump Taj Mahal)

This Casino Party Just Got Real

A casino party by 21 Nights Entertainment served as a "warm up" for an Atlantic City getaway.

Read more about this young couple's adventure