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Accessible Gaming

We strive to provide an exciting casino party experience for all!

21 Nights Entertainment is committed to providing a fun and inclusive gaming experience to players with disabilities.

Not only do we do more than just about every other casino party company to accommodate hearing and visually impaired players, we can do more than most real casinos, too!

Giant-Index playing cards

Wheelchair-accessible game tables

Our casino tables use a proprietary modular-leg system which allow all of our games to be set to wheelchair-accessible height - even Roulette and Craps! Just request our lower height, accessible games prior to your event and we'll make it happen!

Giant-Index playing cards

Playing cards and dice for the visually impaired

We are proud to offer magnum index, four-color playing cards - upon request - to clients and guests who require them for blackjack, poker and our other card-based games.

Not only do we offer them, but these are custom-designed by us for us, just like all of our other house cards.

We can provide larger, multi-colored dice or Braille dice for our dice-based games upon request as well.

(No advanced notice required in most cases. Please contact us for more information.)

(We are currently on the hunt for a vendor who can help us create Braille playing cards. Please contact us if you know of someone who can help us out!)

We love you, Wheels!

This page and our accessible gaming initiative were inspired by, and are dedicated to, Steve Nachshen (1976-2021).