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21 (the hard way...)

By Shawn Tinling

Our resident Jack, Jacques

21 Nights Entertainment features custom casino tables - made with love.

Recently, some of our new table games have made the rounds in Las Vegas and New York City. The tables will be available fall 2017 in all of 21 Nights Entertainment's service areas for most games, and for all games by 2018..

What makes these tables special?

One of the more prevalent catchphrases in the casino party industry is "we use casino-grade tables" when our competitors describe their equipment. A few actually do, while an overwhelming majority don't. Sure, some tables may look nice - and some may not! - but very few are actually casino grade.

The big problem with casino grade tables is that they are insanely heavy!

A regulation-sized blackjack table in a typical Atlantic City casino (the few of them that are left, anyway...) weighs in at about 250 pounds or so. They're way too heavy to carry around from event to event, as they were designed to stay in one place for months or years on end. We of course need tables that are more portable, so we have to use lighter tables. Most stock casino table designs that we've used and that other companies continue to use sacrifice some of the looks and features of 'casino-grade' tables for the sake of portability.

Until now.

Our resident Jack, Jacques

I personally designed these tables (I wanted to be an engineer growing up, before I somehow became an event planner instead...). My project addresses the specific needs and demands of casino party clients while maintaining a casino-realistic look as well as having the portability we require to work effectively.

The modular design makes these tables very versatile. Removable padded rails allow for the tabletop surface to have custom game layouts applied if a client desires. Also, our proprietary bracket leg system allows any casino game (even roulette and poker!) to be either 30-inch seated height or 36-inch standing height.

And the slick red and black layouts, because branding. :)


I hope you enjoy these as much as I've enjoyed designing and building them for you!

Shawn Tinling

Shawn Tinling is the founding president of 21 Nights Entertainment, and generally dislikes referring to himself in the third person.

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