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This Casino Party Just Got Real...

By Shawn Tinling

Atlantic City - (RIP Trump Taj Mahal...)

Surprise casino party serves as a warm-up for engaged couple's Atlantic City getaway.

We got a phone call from a young lady looking to book 21 Nights Entertainment for a casino party in Ronkonkoma, NY. Her fiancé had a 25th birthday party coming up. and she had a big surprise party planned for him.  He is a big fan of casino table games, as his bride-to-be was eager to mention, and that he would "absolutely love" a casino birthday party in his honor.  (Since we're completely, shamelessly biased, of course I had to agree with her!)

4 hours of casino-style fun is more than memorable enough for just about everyone, but not this couple.  No, she had more planned than just a casino party for her guy.  Next was going to be a weekend trip in Atlantic City, also a surprise, and she thought we'd make a great warm-up for the weekend in New Jersey.

I absolutely loved the idea - again, with plenty of bias.  This was the first time we can recall being booked as a warm-up for for a real casino afterward.  For our events in Las Vegas, going to a real casino after a casino party is pretty much a given.  If you've got a blackjack itch and you're in the New York City area, however, you'd have to travel a ways to scratch it.

At our events we'll joke with guests who are winning that evening that they should go play in the casinos for real. ("You're hot, you can't lose!") to which no one ever really takes us seriously.  For them, not only were they serious, but it was their plan all along!

Slot Machine

A great time was had by all at the surprise birthday party and, from we heard afterward, the weekend in AC went well too!

If you'd like a similar birthday party experience, give us a call!

(Oh, and I'm glad you and your guests all had fun, Caitlin and Matt!  Congrats on your engagement!)

Shawn Tinling

Shawn Tinling is the founding president of 21 Nights Entertainment, and generally dislikes referring to himself in the third person.

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