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Trade Show & Convention Entertainment

Barbara at International Traders Expo

Get your company's message out at your next trade show

In the world of corporate and consumer tradeshows, great impressions are critical.

Given the casino gaming boom of the past few years, it's becoming an increasingly popular - and clever - sales and marketing tool for business. A casino gaming table from 21 Nights Entertainment will make your company - and, importantly, your sales message - remembered at your next tradeshow!

The possibilities are endless as to how 21 Nights' tradeshow entertainment can benefit your company:

Build brand awareness

Your message will be in the attendees' hands and faces as they play (signage, optional custom game materials, etc.)

Maximize booth traffic

A poker or blackjack table is a great way to ensure ALL attendees visit your booth. Everyone loves to try their luck! Even if people have never played the games before, they're always willing to give it a try.

Increase leads and connections

In a sample scenario, players would come up to the table and our professional dealers ask them to fill out an information card before they play. Those who win at the game (or everyone, if you prefer) are then entered into a drawing for a prize furnished by your company.

We can integrate your brand message into the game if you'd like, with custom playing cards with your logo or message on them or custom gaming layouts and/or custom casino chips for use during the game and as player souvenirs. (more about Advanced Event Customization)

Our staff can chat about basic points about your brand to the players during the game as well. We make your data-mining and sales tasks a breeze!

Call us toll free at 833-216-4448 (833-21NIGHTS) for a FREE no-obligation quote.